Running 101- A Quick Guide To Getting Started

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Running 101- A Quick Guide To Getting Started

5 Tips to getting into (or back into) running


The weather is finally turning to spring here in the arctic of Idaho. For most of us the running season really starts to kick off right about now. (Warmer weather means a more comfortable outdoor run!)  But it can be tough to get into running after a long winter hibernation. Here are some tips to conquer that winter jet lag and dust off those healthy new year’s resolutions for 2017.


  1. Gear Up

The right shoes are going to make a significant difference to what you can accomplish this running season. A local run analysis can help you find the right pair for your specific running style and feet. I went in and got an analysis done myself and learned a lot! Quick online research can help you find a good pair as well. There are many types of running shoes but I’ll give a quick overview on a couple of types. You can go with Stability shoes, which are designed for people who overpronate (meaning your foot tends to roll inward slightly while you are running). Another popular type is Neutral or Cushioned, typically designed for someone who neither overpronates or underpronates. A popular choice this year for a good stability shoe is the Saucony Freedom ISO and for a stability shoe you could try the Hoka Arahi.


  1. Make a Plan

The main pieces to a running plan consist of time and place. Planning ahead guarantees both of these are covered ahead of time so you can’t mentally say “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have anywhere to do it”. The best option is to find some great running routes close to home. This cuts out travel time and gives you the advantage of being able to quickly get into your workout. Of course, giving yourself variety helps to motivate you to keep running so mix up where you go on your runs! Most of us are on tight time schedules but try and plan at least half an hour every other day for a run. Find ways to free up time for this because it’s worth it. Cutting screen time and depositing that time into your running is the best way to free up time without cutting into more important tasks.


  1. Set Achievable Goals

If you aren’t working towards anything your motivation to run will die quick! Find your reason for running, whether that be to lose weight, keep weight off, build stamina, or just to be healthy you need motivation to be successful! Set goals towards that motivation. Lose this much weight by such and such date or decrease record mile time by this amount. With running, what goals to work towards are easy to come up with but making them realistic is another story. Consistently track your efforts weekly and reevaluate your goals to make sure they are achievable but will make you stretch.


  1. Pace Yourself

Beginning runners tend to push themselves too hard too fast which can lead to exhaustion and injury. So how do you find the right pace? Typically staying 2-3 minutes over your best mile time puts you in a safe range. However, you can usually tell if you are going to intense based on your breathing. If you are gasping for breath and are uncomfortable than you are going too hard and need to slow it down. Remember that running goals aren’t achieved overnight and your body will do much better working up towards your desired time than pushing yourself too much too quickly.


  1. Stretch Before and After Runs

Too many people suffer from unnecessary pain in starting workouts because they don’t loosen their muscles before and after. Always do stretches before and after a workout! Running makes your legs stronger which leads to natural tightening. Mix in both dynamic and static stretches to release tension and prepare your body better for future runs.


Remember You’re doing Great

The cool thing about running is that you are successful as long as you are consistent. You still have to work to achieve your goals. But as long as you are out there trying you are a success! Try not to compare yourself to others because everyone is at a totally different level and working at a different pace. The only competition here should be against your non-running self. Remember to go back and reevaluate your goals so that you consistently stretch without pushing yourself too hard.


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5 Tips to getting into (or back into) running

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