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Bra Fitting and Facts

Sports Bra Fitting 

Proper size, support preference, and features will give you the freedom to move and exercise with comfort and confidence. Additionally, selection criteria include activity level and style preference, and we've got a selection to meet any need.  

The more comfort and support the better.  When trying on, comfort is #1.  Feel free to jump around, run in place, mimic any kind of movement that you would be doing while being active.  You want the bra to feel comfortable.  It should stay in place and the straps should not slide or dig into your shoulders.  The band needs to be as snug as possible.  If the band rises up, than you need to adjust the straps.  Your breast should fit into the cups of the bra.  Make sure they are centered.  If there is any tissue that comes out of the top or sides, the cup is too small.  On the other hand, if there are any wrinkles or bunches in the fabric, the cup is too large.  

We understand that you need to get the right amount of support.  There may be different reasons why you are not getting the support you need.  Everyone is different.  Making sure you get enough support for the type of activity you are doing, whether running, cycling, or just working out in the gym will make all the difference.  Are you wearing two bras?  If so, you are you are not getting the support you need.  Try a supportive bra that has larger cups.  Make sure you adjust the straps when needed.  What type of style are you wearing.  Maybe try something that has a racerback or an open back style.  The higher the impact of the activity, the more support you need.  

Bra fit information provided by fleetfeet and moving comfort



If you are looking for a sports bra for a low-impact, mid-impact, or high-impact activity, we have it for you.  

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