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Bike Fitting

The bike is only as good as the fit!

How your bike fits is one of the most important reasons you buy a particular brand, model, style, and size of bike.  If you are comfortable when you ride you will enjoy it more and want to ride it more.  If you are not comfortable, then you won't want to ride and we at Bill's Bike & Run will NOT have done our job!

Bill's Flagship location in Snake River Landing is ideal for fitting and then trying out bikes whether you are an on-road cyclist, a "Trade-As-You-Grow" parent of a child getting into his/her second bike, a mountain bike with a new eBike with it's special handling needs, or an enthusiastic rider of any type of bike for any occasion.

With our new state-of-the-art Retül fitting technology, we offer fit services to get you into the right bike, saddle, and shoes.

  • Bill's Personal Sizing - Putting you on the right bike...guaranteed.
  • Retül Body Geometry MATCH FIT - On-the-spot fitting to find the perfect bike and shoes in minutes.
  • Retül Body Geometry VENTURE FIT - In-depth private fit session with Bill's factory trained fit specialists.
  • Retül Saddle Sizing - Getting you in the right seat.
  • Retül Digital Shoe Fitting - Getting you in the right shoe.
  • Retül PASSPORT Data Storage - Cloud-based storage for instant access 24/7.

Bill's Custom Fit Programs

Bill's Personal Bicycle Sizing

Free with every bike you purchase at Bill's

  1. Desired riding experience
  2. Measurements and sizing Leg extension
    Saddle height
    Riding posture
    Stand over
    Saddle selection
  3. Product recommendations.

Retül Body Geometry MATCH Fit

$145 - assessment & recommendations.

$50 credit towards accessories with the purchase of new bike.

  1. Profile creation - for housing your data and results.
  2. Interview - your preferred riding experience.
  3. Measurement - foot size, body segment, lengths, etc.
  4. Product recommendations.

Retül Body Geometry VANTAGE Fit

$249 - assessment, profile printout, and recommendations.

$100 Credit towards accessories with the purchase of a new bike.

  1. Physical assessment - 18-step process.
  2. Interview - history, goals, desired riding experience.
  3. Fitting - 15-step process.
  4. Ride Analysis - on the bike.
  5. Follow Up - assess & adjust.

Call our Flagship Store at
(208) 522-3341 to schedule appointment.

Digital Saddle Sizing

Included with Retül Match and Vantage Fit

$10 a la carte

  1. Precision sit bone measurement with Digital Sit Bone Device (DSD).
  2. Product matching.

Digital Shoe Fitting

Included with Retül Match and Vantage Fit

$10 a la carte

  1. Precision arch and shoe volume measurement. 
  2. Product matching.


Included with Match and Vantage Fit and Saddle and Shoe Sizing

  1. Fit data and product recommendations.
  2. Mobile access 24/7.
  3. Constant product updates.

A bike from Bill's fits for life...we guarantee it!

When you buy a new or used and reconditioned bike at Bill's Bike & Run you receive a Bill's Personal Sizing to make sure the bike fits correctly. Whether you are riding a comfort, hybrid, mountain, road, or any other type of bike, we we believe that one size fits ONLY YOU, not all!

Bill' Lifetime Bicycle Fit Guarantee
We guarantee FOR LIFE the fit of any adult bike purchased at Bill's Bike & Run. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy, we will make it right.  With our 30-Day Return Policy, we will take back your bike and either fit you on a new replacement OR refund your money.