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Bike Trade-in

We Reward You for Finding the Right New Bike

We love to see the joy and satisfaction that comes with riding a bike that’s comfortable and fits your performance needs whether you are an adult getting serious about biking, a teenager who’s discovered the thrill of downhill racing, or an 8-year old who’s graduated from a single gear bike and who’s ready to speed by their parents on the family’s favorite biking trail.

Our trade-in program gives you the opportunity to trade-in your existing bike and purchase a new bike for an affordable price that recognizes the investment you have in your trade-in. This assumes of course that your bike fits our trade-in criteria. See "The Fine Print" below.

We have 4 trade-in programs designed to meet your needs and interests:

See our layaway programs and seasonal promotions for special occasions like the holidays or birthdays.

Keep Your Child Right-Sized With 'Trade-As-You-Grow'

Bill's legacy is built on serving multiple generations within families of bikers. It starts with making sure that your child rides a bike that fits at each stage of his/her development.  Our Trade-as-You-Grow program is designed to make it affordable to get your child into the right bike at the right time.

For trade-in bikes previously purchased at Bill's Bike & Run, we'll give you a trade-in allowance of up to 50% of the original purchase price of the bike - what you paid for it at Bill's - adjusted for any required repair costs for parts and labor. Bike must have been purchased at Bill's within the past two years for full 50% allowance. Proof of purchase is required in the form of the original sales receipt or a legible copy of it.  

For trade-in bikes previously purchased elsewhere, we'll give you an allowance towards the purchase of a new bike based on Bill's assessed value adjusted for any required repair costs for parts and labor.

No Disposable Bikes!

If a manufacturer won't warranty their bike when it's brand new, then we can't warranty it when it's used. That's why we recondition and sell quality brands of bikes like Specialized, Giant, and other brands available from specialty bike retailers like Bill's. Most bikes bought at big box retailers and department stores do NOT offer a manufacturer warranty.  Learn More

  • For children up to age 18.
  • Allowance on used bikes purchased elsewhere based on Bill's assessed value, adjusted for any repair costs.
  • Used bike is clean, functioning, and sellable. 

Trade-Up To The Perfect New Adult Bike

If you currently own a bike and haven't considered buying a new one because of your investment in it, then let us take it off your hands and get you on a new bike you'll enjoy riding more.

We'll give you an allowance towards the purchase of a new bike based on Bill's assessed value adjusted for any required repair costs (parts and labor).

  • For "adult-size" bikes, 26" tire or larger.
  • Attractive trade-in allowance based on Bill's assessed value of bike.
  • Used bike is clean, functioning, and sellable. 

We'll Pay $CASH for Your Used Bike

Bill's pays cash for quality brand bikes. Make sure when you bring your bike in that it's in clean and operable condition. No disposable bikes please!

  • Cash value based on Bill's assessment of value and condition of bike..
  • Used bike is clean, functioning, and sellable.

Donate Your Functioning Bike To Charity

Each year Bill's collects donated bikes for Shop With A Cop, St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Basket, and other charities. Feel free to drop off any unwanted bikes to aid these charities at Snake River Landing location only.

  • Used bike is clean and functioning.
  • Bill's assists with the reconditioning and distribution of charity bikes. 
  • Donations (dollar contributions) are welcome to help cover costs of parts. 

The Fine Print

When you bring your bike into our store for a valuation, it should be clean, functioning, and in sellable condition or able to be reconditioned at a reasonable price. If your bicycle requires reconditioning, the cost of labor and parts will be deducted from the trade-in allowance accordingly. For your security and to help eliminate bike theft, we will require the following to process a trade-in:

  1. Valid driver's license.
  2. For those with a bike to trade in that was preveiously purchased at Bill's, the original sales receipt or a legible copy of it.
  3. A serial number of the bike that must be legible and not be defaced.
  4. We'll ask you to sign a simple statement that the bicycle is yours to sell.