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Our Demo Fleet

Bill's has a fleet of demo bikes of all types. Whether you want to test a bike on the road, on a mountain trail, or cruise around the Idaho Falls Greenbelt, we will do our best to give you a biking experience that makes your equipment choice as informed as possible. When you're ready to ride just give us a call or stop by the store to see our current selection of demo bikes and arrange for your demo session.

Demo Fees & Credit Towards Purchase

The rates for trying out a demo bike are the same as those for bicycle rentals. Hourly use rates are available for demo bikes at the 4 hour rate prorated for actual time used. Example: The fee to demo a full-suspension mountain bike for 2 hours is 50% of the 4 hour rental rate ($49) or $24.50.

Your demo fee (for one demo use only) will be applied to your purchase of any bike up to the following maximum levels.

Bike Purchase Price
Maximum Demo Fee Credit
Under $500Up to 1 day rental rate for same bike category [Greg - link to rental rate chart]
$500 and overRental rate up to 10% purchase price maximum.