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Demo Saddles

A comfortable ride requires a comfortable saddle!

As avid cyclists, we know how important it is for a rider to have the right saddle. A seat with the perfect shape, cushion, and curve does volumes for any rider, allowing for a more enjoyable ride and/or longer quality training time. And, if your saddle is distractingly uncomfortable, it can take away from the joy of riding or even cut your ride short.

Digital Saddle Sizing... getting you in the right seat!

It takes most people for than just a few minutes to determine if a saddle is going to work for them day in and day out. We sill help you find the saddle that's right for you by starting with a precision sit bone measurement using our Digital Sit Bone Device.  

Once we find the saddle that's right for you based on the DSD assessment, we'll let you rent any saddle that we have in our demo selection. We'll install the saddle on your bike and adjust it to the perfect height and tilt. Then you ride the heck out of that saddle for a week. If that saddle is the one, then you get that saddle! If it is not right, then you try out another one for another week, and continue to test saddles until you find one that suits you the best!

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