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Running & Walking Shoes

Not Your Typical Shoe Store!

Bill's Bike & Run is not your typical walking and running shoe store. We are a PERFORMANCE SHOE store that serves walkers, runners, and people who spend a lot of time on their feet. Our customers are serious about taking care of themselves and getting maximum enjoyment out of their wearing experience whether it be from walking the Idaho Falls Greenbelt, training for a 10K or a marathon, hiking in the Teton range back country, or working a 12-hour shift. Our shoe customers come to us and keep coming back because we are not concerned with just selling them a pair of shoes. They know that we are committed to putting them into the best shoe possible that meets their needs for performance, efficiency, and enjoyment.

It all starts with our shoe fitting process and the personalized service you receive each and every time you come into our store. We are NOT a big box retailer who is out to sell you shoes at the lowest price possible. Walkers and runners come to us because they know that we have a professional staff that has experience, training, and a passion for caring for those they serve.

Walking & Running Shoe Brands

Bill's Bike & Run offers a broad range of models selected from brands that are popular among casual enthusiasts, high school tracksters, and professional racers. If we don't have your particular brand/model/size in stock then we can special order it for you.

Hoka One One
Saucony Athletic Shoes
Altra Running Shoes
Brooks Shoes
Topo Athletic Shoes

Walking & Running Shoe Categories

Our shoe selection is designed to help you find the right shoe for any occasion. Visit our stores to see and try out shoes that meet your specific needs in the areas of arch support, use occasion, and other features.



Arch SupportNeutral
Designed for people with a neutral gait or mild pronators who need some arch-side support.

Recommended for people who over-pronate, i.e., their foot tends to roll inward when running. 

Motion Control
Best for runners who exhibit moderate to severe over-pronation, and tend to have extra cushion and support.
(below 150g)
These shoes tend to have little to no cushioning and are mean to mimic barefoot running with some protection.

(range of 150-199g) 
Shoes designed to encourage a runner to go fast yet still put on mileage with training or for longer races.

(200g and above)
Heavier, super-cushioned shoes with substantial shock absorption and support.
OccasionCross Country
Trail shoes often have aggressive lug patterns made from sticky rubber or sharp sole features for added traction.

Shoes that come in standard weights and support structures but are more protective than racing shoes.

RacingCompetition shoes or racing flats are built for speed and are great for up-tempo training by non-racing enthusiasts.

TriathlonShoes that are uniquely designed to be worn while running and biking, pushing the runner into a forward momentum.

Shoes specifically designed to be worn walking and with standard support options in and substantial cushioning. 
Trail-running shoes designed for off-road routes with rocks, mud, roots, or other obstacles.

Road Running
Road shoes are designed to cushion the impact from repetitive strides on hard surfaces. 
Other FeaturesWaterproof
Water-resistant and water-proof shoes are designed to keep your feet as dry as possible.

Low/Zero Drop
There is little or no drop from the heel of the shoe down to the forefoot. 

Wide or NarrowSome models come in narrow or extra-wide sizes to accommodate runners requiring special sizing.