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Shoe Fitting

The walk, hike, run, or race AND recovery are only as fun as the fit!

Adults in the U.S. on average take about 5,900 steps a day... less than 60% of the recommended 10,000.  Even if you are on the low end and only walk, that is a lot of wear and tear on your feet, legs, and shoes.  If you are a jogger, you will take around 2,000 steps each mile depending on your gender, size, speed, and conditioning. An Average size 10K racer running an 8 minute per mile pace will take around 8,000 – 9,000 steps (Source:  Regardless of how and when you are on your feet, the fit of a shoe can make all the difference to your performance, efficiency, or enjoyment whatever your purpose.

Let the shoe pick you.

“Don’t Pick the Shoe, Let The Shoe Pick You” is the mantra of well-informed shoe professionals like staff members at Bill's Bike & Run..  Whether you use a shoe for walking, hiking, or running, when it comes to picking the optimal shoe for you, it’s the one that feels the best on your foot and meets the technical needs of your stride or gait.
When you come into our store we will do our best to efficiently assess your needs and find a shoe that's right for you.  If you are seeking an in-depth shoe fit analysis, it can be done on the spot by one of our walking and running professionals. It’s by providing this personalized service – not available in most shoe stores and online – that keeps people coming back to Bill’s for shoes regardless of the occasion.
Once we have assessed your feet and stride, we’ll have you try on and test (including on our treadmill, if appropriate) a range of brands, models, and colors from our broad line of top-of-the line brands such as Saucony, Brooks, and Hoka among others.  We are a preferred supplier of businesses in the area who encourage, and often pay for, featuring Hoka One One shoes and boots that are ergonomically designed for long hours on one’s feet.

Complementary 3-Step Form and Fit Analysis

With each full-price purchase of a new pair of shoes from Bill’s Bike & Run, our professional staff will guide you through a free comprehensive fit and form analysis that includes:

  1. Understanding your walking or running profile.
  2. Evaluating the anatomy of your feet.
  3. Analyzing your walking style with a treadmill and walk/jog analysis.
Walking or Running Profile

Step 1: Walking or Running Profile

We’ll ask you some questions about the type of walking or running you do, your habits, and the types of surfaces you walk/hike/run on. We will seek to understand your goals - from losing weight to finishing a marathon - taking into account any injuries you have had in the past and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the current health of your feet.

Step 2: Foot Anatomy Analysis

Once we understand of the type of walking or running you do, we’ll perform an analysis of the anatomy of your feet. We’ll analyze your foot length, foot width (at the toe box and heel), foot volume and arch height to get a general idea of the size, width, and style of shoe that may work best for you.
We ask that you bring in the shoes you wear for walking and/or running so we can analyze internal and external wear patterns.  This gives us an idea of how your foot fits and strikes in your current shoes.

Treadmill Evaluation

Step 3: Treadmill and Walk/Jog Evaluation

The final step before fitting you with a shoe is to observe your stride – sometimes with a ‘neutral shoe’ – then walk or jog on a treadmill. With cameras focused on the back of the foot and leg, we analyze your unique gait cycle by utilizing special software to capture slow motion images of your gait and foot strike. This provides a very good analysis of the types of shoes you may need.

Our Shoe Fit Guarantee

Bill's Bike & Run has one of the most liberal exchange policies around. Any purchase comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Use the product for 30 days and if it’s not performing to your expectations, simply bring it back. You may exchange it for anything in the store, or return it for store credit that may be used at any time.