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Why Buy From Us?

We are NOT a Big Box Retailer!

We are frequently asked what makes a bike bought from Bill's Bike & Run different from one purchased from a big box retailer like Walmart, Target, ToysRUs, or another mass merchandiser. We've been told by our customers who've come to us to have their big box bike serviced or repaired that we offer products and services that they can't get from a big box retailer.

  • Each and every bike is ALWAYS assembled to manufacturer specs by our factory trained technicians. 
  • We make sure that your bike, saddle, and shoe fit perfectly...guaranteed. LEARN MORE
  • Our sales people have received training from industry-leading education programs like those provided by SBCU (Specialized Bike Components University). LEARN MORE
  • Our bikes, parts, and accessories are designed to last. Many of our bikes are passed on from generation to generation or traded in for new models or reconditioned bikes from top-quality manufacturers like Specialized and Giant among others. LEARN MORE
  • Our factory trained technicians are available on the spot to meet your service and repair needs. And they work as a team - each of them brings special expertise to solving difficult repair problems - with over 70 years of combined bike repair experience. LEARN MORE
  • All of the bike brands we carry offer a full manufacturer's limited warranty and have a Bill's 30-day return policy. LEARN MORE 

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