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Service & Repair

Service Menu

Electric Bikes Prices May Be Higher

Minimum shop charge is $5.

Bike Assembly - basic$60
Bike Assembly - full suspension
Bike Assembly - high-end road
Bike Assembly - electric shift
Box Bike for shipping - excluding shipping costs$60
Brake Adjustment 
Brake Bleed$30
Brake Overhaul (coaster)$35
Cable Replacement$15
Chain Replacement - single speed
Computer Set-up
Chain Replacement - multi-speed
Clean Dirty Bike
Derailleur Adjustment
Drivetrain Clean
Fork Service
Handlebar Wrap/Tape
Headset Adjustment$10
Headset Overhaul$25
Hub Adjustment - front$10
Hub Adjustment - rear

Hub Overhaul - front$20
Hub Overhaul - rear$25
Internal Gear Hub Overhaul$45
Shock Service
Tire/Tube Replacement$8
Tubular Tire Installation$50
Wheel Building$45
Wheel Truing - basic$15
Wheel Truing - major$35*
*If damage to spokes, rim, other components.

Tune-Up Packages

Big Box Bike Safety Check
  • Pedal, axle, headset, and crankset torqued to specification
  • Brake, chain, and derailleur adjustment
  • Tire and wheel check
Standard Safety Check
  • Everything included in Big Box Safety Check but on quality brand name bike

Race/Event Tune and Detail
  • Chain lube and clean
  • Frame and wheel detailing
  • Minor adjustments
Standard Tune-up
  • Wipe Down - frame, derailleurs, fork, wheels
  • Chain clean and lube
  • Brake adjustment
  • Shift adjustment
  • Wheel True
  • Hub Adjustment
  • Headset Adjustment
  • Test ridden by certified tech
E-bike Annual

  • Standard Tune-up PLUS
  • Complete cleaning and waxing of entire bike
  • Remove and clean all parts and adjust everything to factory specs
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Cable/Housing Replacement
  • Suspension Analysis and Service
  • Other Required Repairs
  • Test ridden by certified tech
Price depends on bike type
$120 to $250 or more
Brose Gen1 belt replacement
Diagnose non-warranty Turbo$75

Our Service Technicians - Trained, Talented, and Committed to Excellence!

Bill’s bike service technicians are top notch and know their stuff!  They’ve been factory trained and take pride in their work. Bill's techs work as a team each bringing special expertise to bear in solving difficult repair problems.  

Our Approach – Assessment, Options, and Estimate Cost

We start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that’s needed, how long it should take, and how much it will cost.  If there is more than one repair option such as the type and quality of parts used or the scope of the repair beyond the immediate problem, then we will provide a detailed explanation of what needs to be done.

Our factory trained bike technicians love a challenge.  Contact our Service Department for quotes on prices and turnaround time. Labor rate is $40.00 per hour. Minimum shop charge is $5.00.

Service on the Spot

We welcome walk-ins for basic repairs, flats, and adjustments.  We’ll do whatever we can to fix your problem on the spot.

Call for an Appointment

If you prefer the convenience of an appointment, call us at (208) 522-3341 during the hours of 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Special Repair Services

Our mechanics enjoy trouble-shooting problems on every make-model and style of bicycle.  Regardless of the degree of your bike's disrepair, we’ll take on the challenge if it makes sense economically! 

$40 per hour labor rate, parts additional.

Big Box Bike Safety Check

Roughly 75% of bikes purchased at Big Box Retailers fail basic safety checks due to assembly errors. Even if there aren't outright safety issues, poor assembly can mean missed shifting drivetrains, under-inflated tires, loose headsets, wheels that are improperly tensioned and prone to damage, and other problems that will shorten bicycles lifespan and make them unsafe to ride. Our certified techs are happy to do a thorough safety check.

Bike Overhaul

Overhaul price varies, based on a number of factors – condition, age, brand/model, and type/brand of replacement parts. Labor charge for this service is typically within the following ranges:

  • Kids/youth bike (geared)-$120-180
  • Adult rigid bike-$160-320
  • Suspension bike-$200-400
  • eBike-$200-400+

Price of parts will depend on what is required and the brand. We always strive to find parts of the highest quality at the most affordable price.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once your bike has been serviced and repaired we recommend you take jit for a test ride and make certain you are 100% satisfied with your repair. 

Maintenance Programs

We offer a 5-Year Maintenance Programs for all bikes purchased new at Bill’s Bike & Run. LEARN MORE