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Snake River Landing Flagship Store

Bill’s Bike & Run's Flagship Store is conveniently located in Snake River Landing, which provides immediate access to beautiful and safe biking and walking/running pathways, popular restaurants for casual dining, and fun places to shop. Whether going for a leisurely trip along the Snake River, a fun ride with friends in the countryside, or a vigorous training ride through the quiet roads in surrounding farmland and foothills, Bill’s Bike & Run is a terrific place to try out new gear, rent bikes for any type of on-road or off-road special occasion, or get advice on how to get in better shape.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology to make sure your bike and shoes fit perfectly. And, our factory trained service techs will spend whatever time it takes to make sure your bikes are tuned up and remain in tip-top shape for your next bike ride. Our location, like our people, is awesome.